Things you wish you knew @ 17 #2 ~ Choices

You make hundreds of choices every day – and only YOU own and have control over each and everyone of them.

Each and every moment holds the potential to create a dramatic change in your life
direction. Th choices that you make at any time and in any situation can steer you down the
right path or the wrong path. But as we often forget, we are the ones in charge of making those
choices and we are responsible for where they lead us.
When I was 17, I joined the Army. Why? Because my mother told me to. She just
wanted me out of the house, and I had no idea what else to do. Throughout my adolescence, I
never received any guidance—I lacked any ability to make positive, healthy, self-driven choices.
It took me a long time to understand that every single seemingly unimportant choice I made
from the moment that I turned 18 was my choice alone, and every one of those “miniscule”
decisions would play a role in shaping who I would become. I had to learn that who I am and
where I am at this point in my life is because of my choices…period. There’s no one else to

Some of the most colossal misapplications of my God-given rights to own my own life
happened when I allowed the opinions of others, absent of all personal consideration, to
influence my decisions. I was a people-pleaser, which meant that I was the last person I thought
about when making decisions. I always focused on how my actions would benefit another
person, and the reward for myself was recognition from others. What I had not learned was
that I had the power to make decisions to benefit myself—not in a self-serving or self-righteous
way, but in a manner aimed at achieving desired outcomes for my life, my dreams, my passions.

I’ll give you an example of how even a small, simple choice can significantly impact your
life. A month or so after renting a condo while trying to recover from a traumatizing divorce, my
place was not exactly all put-together yet. I especially kept noticing a bunch of hangers laying in
the middle of my walk-in closet. Every day I was getting angrier and angrier at those hangers for
being in my way! One day, I finally had an epiphany that would move me towards changing the
rest of my life: all I needed to do was bend over and pick up the blankety-blank hangers!
This realization prompted me to look at the rest of my daily actions, or lack thereof, and
put everything in perspective. I could moan and groan about the dishes, or the car that needed
repairs, or all the other errands that I hadn’t gotten around to. That would my choice to
complain about all that stuff and consume my energy on the complaining, rather than simply
moving forward, piece by piece, just doing the stuff that needed to get done.

That’s the broad view of choices. The narrower view looks like this: you get to decide
what you want to think about today and how you want to think about it. For example, do you
want to criticize someone today and let that consume your day, carrying that judgment about
another person and a false belief that this way of thinking is healthy? Do you want to eat that
candy bar or drink that soda because one more won’t matter—you’ll start your diet tomorrow?
Do you want to get pissed off at the person on the other end of the phone because you think
you’re the only person that matters? Do you want to talk to your children in a condescending, insulting way because that’s the way you were spoken to by your parents, or because things didn’t go your way today? Do you want to continue a pattern of blaming others for where your
life is today, using your past as a handy excuse?

The choice is yours. You Own It. You get to decide whether or not to generate positivity,
productivity, love and kindness in your life each and every second you breathe.

Just for Today – Can you remain positive in every encounter? Just for
today, can you recognize each and every decision you make, AND can you think through your decisions and consider the outcomes before
you make your choices?

The Combination Notebook:
Choices – How you make every day count is up to you. No matter what happened to you in the past, YOU OWN THIS MOMENT, and every moment from this day forward.

The Combination:

Choice Wheel by Ginger Ross#Beliefs create your #expectations – you can change them

#Choices allow you to generate positive energy around love and live a happier, healthier life – you own them

Your perception of how others communicate love is likely misinterpreted and also none of your business ~ you get to decide

You have the choice to spend your #energy in a #positive manner, creating more #positive energy and being a power of example.

You decide! How you make every day count is up to you. You own from this day forward.

The combination – Beliefs, Perceptions, Expectations, Energy, Choices, Energy

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