Showing up

Here’s what I know…it takes a lot, no-not a lot, a tremendous amount of hard work, energy and focus to show up every day. To be positive or motivated every day. Not to let things get you down. Sometimes you just want to say Ugh and take a nap. For those of you who get this, congrats on showing up and making the most out of this one life you have been given. For those of you who don’t get this…try being positive, non judgemental, on time, happy, productive, kind, gentle, giving, caring just for today. Then, if you’re successful, do it again tomorrow. If you’re not successful, try it again tomorrow. We all have different ideas of success, dreams and what it means to have a successful life, but the fundamentals are set in stone – I challenge and encourage you to show up today and make this one of the best possible days you ever lived. Only you hold that power!

Make healthy choices, eat right, set healthy boundaries and keep them!

Yours truly,

Ginger Ross

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