Love this Re-framing Tool

There are many many studies that state our beliefs are the most significant contributors to our behaviors and if you don’t like your behaviors AND want to make a change, that you need to change your beliefs. For me, I benefited greatly through my struggles with divorce, alcoholism and issues with my mother from changing my beliefs through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); known to be a highly effective modality for change. You might not want to go to therapy, or maybe you simply don’t have the $$ for it – here’s an online tool for re-framing your thinking. I went through the steps and found this tool to be easy to use and provokes thinking; AND with anything, it requires constant daily vigilance in order for the process to work. It’s not a one and done type tool. I share this link with you today in an effort to provide you with a tool that can promote some introspection and hopefully get you on the right track to execute the changes you wish to make in your life.

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Thank you Mark Tyrrell, from Uncommon Knowledge, for this link

Look at yourself and your choices today – how can you re-frame your thinking to live your life on purpose?

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