Choice Challenge for Today

ChoicesHey, do you pay attention to every opportunity where you make a choice? According to research, the average adult makes 35,000 “remotely” conscious decisions a day.  Yowza! I do? I said to myself. How?! Let’s explore…What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about decision making. You, if you’re like me, like that phrase to reference big decisions, or seemingly big decisions such as, “What will I wear today?” or “What should I have for lunch?” etc…you get the idea. I would like to challenge you to pay attention to the littler ones. The ones that don’t get much attention such as your immediate response when you hear something you don’t agree with, or maybe your decision to use undesirable language or criticize someone else. What’s your thought process like? Is it full of negative energy, or is it lined with silver?

I’m not here to dissect your daily decisions. I ask that you take a look at what energy consumes most of your body, positive or negative? You can answer this by consciously looking inward. That’s your choice challenge for the day! Welcome your comments and feedback.

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