Life & Death, Points to Ponder

I just stood there, letting it all sink in…

I was listening to a Mexican folklore tale about the afterlife.

It started like this:

There are three deaths: the first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time.

Those last few words haunted me.

That point in the future — perhaps way into the future — when your name will never be mentioned again.

It’s actually a little scary.

But think about it. That moment will happen.

And it’s a stark reminder that — no matter how much we think otherwise — life is just a handful of fleeting moments.

There was a past without us, and there will be a future without us.

It’s a reminder that we need to embrace life in this moment. It’s designed for living, and nobody is getting out alive.

So, the next time you’re stressing out over minutiae — take a moment to consider this piece of Mexican folklore.

As the closing song in Avenue Q concludes…

Each time you smile… It’ll only last a while.
Life may be scary… But it’s only temporary.
Everything in life… is only for now.

Love, your #1 fan —

Things I wish I learned @ 17 #1

The #1 thing I wish I learned @ 17 is What Is Love

Do you think you know what Love really is? When I was 17 I’m pretty sure I thought I knew, when in reality I truly did not.

No one ever told me or showed me what love was. My parents divorced when I was 5.
My mother hated my father and vice versa, and they weren’t big enough to rise above that for
the sake of the children. My father was almost entirely absent in my life, and my mother bad-
mouthed him every chance she got. Since she worked 3 jobs to support 3 kids and a home, she
was never around much either. My older brother and sister got away with everything, and I was
told that I was a mistake and the reason for my parents’ break-up. In our home, no one ever
said “I love you,” no one ever hugged, no one ever really even said a kind word to each other. It
was constant tension. My mother constantly barked orders at me and groomed m to please
I was left to develop my own concept of love: working hard at your job, ordering others
around to maintain the house, and doing everything you can to try to gain the approval of
others. Naturally I entered into a marriage that mirrored the same behaviors I had grown up
with: authoritative, lacking in emotional expression, the total absence of compliments and
kindness. In other words, no real love. We had a big house, expensive vehicles and a whole
theatrical production that made us look picture-perfect on the outside. Of course, on the inside
it was empty. Eventually, I collapsed from extreme unhappiness that for far too long I didn’t
even know was there.
Today, with the love and support of a small village that nurtured me back to health, I
can say that I’ve begun to know what love is and I’m doing my best to practice it. Webster’s
dictionary definition of love includes the term, “a strong affection for another,” but I believe that the definition that my dear friend Tin Foil shared with me captures it even better: Love isunconditional acceptance.

My goal is to accept everyone and everything as the imperfect people, places, and
things that they are. Most importantly, I strive to carry an unconditional acceptance of myself. I
have learned that I must truly learn to accept myself as I am before I can live a judgement-free
life with a message of “one love,” which is the Rastafarian concept of living – we are all cut from
the same cloth.

Everyone has their own concepts of love. Unfortunately, some people believe that they
are showing love by showering others with gifts, and others are convinced that name-calling
and sarcasm can be done in the name of love. Behaviors like that are examples of power and
control, not love. Love is not calling someone stupid or telling them they can’t do anything
right. Love does not allow anger, frustration and resentment to rule the day. That kind of love
needs to be un-learned.

Love is kindness. Love is gentle. Love finds the strengths in others.

Just for Today – Love is a skill that we can all work on. So just for today,
don’t judge anyone. Can you do it?


The Combination Notebook:
(Note: The combination brings together our Beliefs, Perceptions, Expectations, Energy,
Choices, and Energy. Each lesson will refer to one or more of these concepts as they apply to
the specific lesson we are exploring.)

Choice Wheel by Ginger RossChoices – Choices allow you to generate positive energy around love and live a happier,
healthier life. You have the choice to spend your energy in a positive manner, creating more
positive energy and being a power of example.
Perceptions – Your perception of how others communicate love is likely misinterpreted


#Beliefs create your #expectations

#Choices allow you to generate positive energy around love and live a happier, healthier life

Your perception of how others communicate love is likely misinterpreted and also none of your business.

You have the choice to spend your #energy in a #positive manner, creating more #positive energy and being a power of example.

Let your love shine!

The combination – Beliefs, Perceptions, Expectations, Energy, Choices, Energy



Ginger’s Wellness Wheel

Has anyone ever heard of someone that has life theories, has become a life coach, or a self hep guru that hasn’t gone through and prevailed from hard times? I’m just curious. I was watching Idol last night, I admit it, and it inspired ME greatly to hear the stories. Although I consider myself an inspirer and I do work diligently at my daily practice of achieving my goals there are some days when I am simply exhausted, lazy, and ready to throw in the towel. When I take a day off from my positive thinking, and my goals, self doubt spreads like the plague.

Ginger Ross Personal Life Coach

My first “Classical Headstand” Eva!

This morning, Monday morning, I usually go to my favorite yoga class at 9AM. This morning, I worked very hard at talking myself out of going (#energy consuming), thinking of any excuse to satisfy my conscience. Battling with the voices in my head…you need to go, you should go, I don’t want to go – I picked my head up and went. It was one of the top 10 best yoga sessions I’ve ever had. Turned out I was the only one who attended the class and I received personal instructions (and some venting time). I tried a few things I had never tried before stretching out of my comfort zone experiencing some less than perfect success.

If I hadn’t picked myself up and begrudgingly rolled over to the studio I wouldn’t have reached new heights. I likely would still be sitting here at the computer wondering what today’s blog would be about. Moral of the story, in conjunction with what I took away from those stories of strength last night was something I already know…that success and healthy living requires daily diligence; and that can be exhausting for anyone. Take your breaks and your pity parties but get right back up and aim for the target, whatever that may be for you. Take small bites, moment by moment and  your dreams and goals will be reached.

Thanks Lisa Burner from Soleil Yoga – for one of my top ten yoga days and exactly what I needed. The universe will not give you what you need if you are sitting still (#expectations). It will always give you what you need if you are taking action (#choices).


The beauty of life

What is “Ritual”


Is this a word you tend to stay away from because it has an eerie/religous association or perhaps because the word itself implies commitment? Two starkly contrasting ideas associated with this word. Like all concepts discussed on my platform of The Combination – you have a choice on how to interpret this word, Ritual. For today’s message I’d like to share the definition of the word as I heard it today on a Youtube Ted X Talk by Baya Voce; she describes ritual as Repeated Action + Intention = Desired Outcome.

Deepak Chopra states that we are made up of two ingredients, energy and awareness. I say if you want to make changes in your daily life you must develop a ritual to heighten your awareness of your energy. Try something for me, give someone a compliment and take a moment to reeeeallly identify the energy in your body after. Some time later, I want you to criticize someone – cuss and swear or piss and moan; then take a moment to feel how you feel. Do you feel any difference?

That’s energy.  If you don’t like how the latter part of this exercise made you feel, I ask you to create a ritual to identify how often each day you generate negative energy, and did you receive the desired outcome you were looking for? Once you’ve done this for a few days and are determined you want to change – you have the choice to make a new ritual, or habit, of pausing and reframing your delivery, your energy, your outcomes.

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Healthy Choices – Healthy Life

Ginger Ross

Showing up

Here’s what I know…it takes a lot, no-not a lot, a tremendous amount of hard work, energy and focus to show up every day. To be positive or motivated every day. Not to let things get you down. Sometimes you just want to say Ugh and take a nap. For those of you who get this, congrats on showing up and making the most out of this one life you have been given. For those of you who don’t get this…try being positive, non judgemental, on time, happy, productive, kind, gentle, giving, caring just for today. Then, if you’re successful, do it again tomorrow. If you’re not successful, try it again tomorrow. We all have different ideas of success, dreams and what it means to have a successful life, but the fundamentals are set in stone – I challenge and encourage you to show up today and make this one of the best possible days you ever lived. Only you hold that power!

Make healthy choices, eat right, set healthy boundaries and keep them!

Yours truly,

Ginger Ross