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“If you are always in a state of hurry, anxiety, stress and busyness, then what energy are you teaching others to adopt?”

“If you won’t bring more mindfulness and joy into your life, for the sheer personal improvement, then do it for those around you who might otherwise be harmed by unchecked emotional contagion.”

“High performers cultivate joy by how they think, what they focus on, and how they engage in and reflect on their days. It’s a choice.”

“If the demands of your job or life require you to learn fast, deal with stress, be alert, pay attention, remember important things, and keep a positive mood, then you must take exercise more seriously.”

“Just because you can’t keep up doesn’t mean you can’t show up.”

“A warrior’s destiny is greater than his wounds.”

” No necessity, no consistent action.”

“Necessity is the emotional drive that makes great performance a must instead of a preference. Unlike weaker desires that make you want to do something, necessity demands that you take action.”

“If I’ve learned anything from my research and a decade of interventions developing high performers, it’s that you cannot become extraordinary without a sense that it’s absolutely necessary to excel.”

“You must get more emotionally committed to what you are doing, and reach that point where success is not just an occasional preference, but a soul-deep necessity.”

“High performers care even more about excellence and thus put more effort into their activities than others do.”

“The goal for all underperformers must be to set new standards, self-monitor more frequently, and learn to become comfortable with taking a hard, unflinching look at their own performance.”

“Sometimes the fastest way to get back into the game is to expect something from yourself again.”

“See yourself as a person who loves challenge and go for the big dreams. You are stronger than you think, and the future holds good things for you.”

“Normal isn’t always healthy.”

“I learned that when you have the opportunity to serve, you don’t complain about the effort involved.”

“If you truly want to increase your performance in any area of your life, get around some new people who expect and value high performance.”

“People on a path to purpose don’t have time for drama.”

“If you aren’t consistently measuring the major arenas of your life, then you couldn’t possibly know what the balance you seek is or is not.”

“If you want to become extraordinary, you need to figure out the productive outputs that matter in your field or industry.”

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