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Are you looking to make some changes in your life? Maybe some clarity on your direction, establish sound boundaries, or perhaps learn how to have a conversation. Use my tools, skills, and experiences to help guide you to the life you are looking for.

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Things You Wish You Knew @ 17

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"I've been through a lot in my life." I'm not the only one on this planet that can honestly claim that, right? Of course not. But I don't feel stuck in my own head anymore. Maybe you still feel stuck in your own head wondering why with all your wisdom and experiences that you still can't seem to secure simple "happiness." "What am I missing?" you may be asking yourself. I'm elated to tell you your likely not missing any one thing, it could be that you simply haven't put it all together to unlock The Combination.

What I now know about life is that It IS a combination of bits and pieces. Snapshots of billions of moments all compiled together to make you, to make me. Those bits and pieces that make the You and the Me are vastly different, even though we may share some of the same experiences;  and because they happen at different moments in each of our lives where our frame of mind is different, and the environmental and situational circumstances are likely different, and how we interpret the same situation is very likely different You are different from Me, and yet where the same. What makes us the same, you ask? Most of us have the scientific ability to make choices. Choices that pertain to and influence every single solitary moment in our lives. The Combination will break that down for you.

The Combination's mission aims to guide you to take complete ownership of your life - every single solitary morsel of it. I'll be breaking down The Combination to provide you with juicy foundational knowledge around topics like Energy, Perceptions, Beliefs, Expectations and Choices. Some will be scientific, some will be spiritual, and some will be lived experience from myself and others (that means you - I want you to share!). I think it's fair to say that most of us desire a healthy, happy life, and just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz always had the power to return home, you've always had the power to have a healthy, happy life - You simply need to be shown how. I hope you'll join in this journey with The Combination.

"To have a healthy, happy life one must make healthy choices."

I hope you will join me on this journey to understand Your Combination.

Most passionately yours,

Ginger Ross

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